Olympus National Park Information Center, a museum for the natural resources and the multifaceted uniqueness of the most emblematic mountain of the Greece, opens to the audience. The Grand Opening of the brand new Olympus National Park Information Center in Litochoro, Pieria takes place at the headquarters of the Managing Body!

The theme of the Information Center Exhibition makes use of various media and takes advantage of the multiple configuration levels to approach Olympus ambiguous environment per altitudinal zone. Every exhibition hall covers all the visible and invisible mountain alternations as the altitude increases: the differences in rocks and geomorphology, the climate and the weather conditions, the composition of vegetation and fauna, the traces of human culture and the landscape.

Impressive images, static exhibits and diaphonometers, movies, multimedia applications and an impressive three-dimensional projection, make up a modern exhibition space arranged in different levels to easily and gradually take the visitor to a journey from the foothills of to the legendary peaks of Olympus.


The exhibition space of the Information Center also serves as a gathering, information and starting point for the appropriate distribution of visitors on Olympus Mountain, therefore contributing essentially to the protection and the proper use of the polysemous natural and cultural heritage.