Litochoro: The isolated pebble beaches at Variko combine moments of ultimate relaxation with a visit to Ancient Dion, the holy city of Macedonians. At Gritsa and Plaka you can find the most “popular” clubs in Pieria that often host famous DJs for clubbing until early morning hours and enjoy the beautiful colors of the sunrise over the see.

Golden beaches, crystal-clear waters, picturesque bays, ancient cities, byzantine traces, “divine” mountains and wetlands and the this wonderful, summer “cocktail” at the coasts of Pieria gets even more appealing, considering the fact that they are easily accessible without any “sea adventures”.  The coasts of Pieria have something to offer everyone: excursions for nature lovers and history buffs, quite and low budget resorts for family vacation, beaches ideal for those who love nudism, camping, good food and nightlife.

Located at a very close distance from every part of the country this less popular summer destination, only visited by locals and organized tourist groups from Eastern Europe with passion for the sea, invites all mainland residents who usually fall victims to intense heat waves, to discover anew the secret privileges of this area.



Coasts of Central Pieria

ΙIdeal as a base for excursions within the prefecture and only a few minutes away from the city of Katerini, the central coasts provide various entertainment options and organized beaches in the shadow of Mount Olympus to enjoy your dives into the water.
Katerini coasts as well as the Olympic coast are the most popular in the region, with a huge variety of beach bars, water sport facilities and a number of accommodation options. Spectacular, sandy beaches overlooking the sea on the one side and Mount Olympus as well as Pierian Mountains (the Mountains of Pierides) on the other Όλυμπο. A little, further to the north, lies Korinos beach, also a popular destination that also gives you the opportunity to visit two important Macedonian tombs, brought to light by archaeologists. Approximately 8 km from Katerini, at the point where the beach of the Olympic coast ends, you may find a paradise for nudism and many opportunities for swimming without taboos.


Coasts of South Pieria

A number of picturesque settlements and historical monuments lead – where else? – To the crystal-clear waters on the edge of the Mountain of the Gods. South Pieria also boasts a vibrant nightlife, many events and festivals as well as a variety of pebbled beaches and golden coasts.

*Leptokaria: tiny pebbles, shallow crystal-clear waters, high quality hotels and many cute little shops in the alleys of tourist areas are only some of the things you will find in Leptokaria, apart from the fact that it lies very close to Ancient Livithra, the place where, according to the legend, Orpheus was buried.

*Skotina: Apart from the sandy beaches, visitors have the opportunity to take ride to the traditional settlement of Ano Skotina and admire the stone houses of the 17th century lying next to each other and churches of great importance. The area is also ideal for nature lovers who are interested in hiking and mountain biking activities.  Every summer the area also hosts the Balkan Festival for Young People at the former camping facilities of Greek National Tourist Organization with lots of music that will put you in a summer mood.

*Panteleimonas: The renovated village of Palaios Panteleimonas and the Venetian Castle constitute a good reason for you to choose these coasts for your vacations. The beaches of rare natural beauty constitute a harmonic combination of pebbles and sand and offer various opportunities for every type of traveler, from peaceful men devoted to their families to party animals. The village also offers opportunities for paragliding as well as cultural activities, such as performances and concerts organized at the castle within the framework of the summer Olympus Festival.

*Platamonas and Neoi Poroi: The famous castle of Platamonas dominates the landscape whereas the picturesque coastal paths of the village remind are strongly reminiscent of an island. The well-organized camping of Platamonas with a lush vegetation makes it ideal for nature lovers. You should also not miss the opportunity to enjoy your fish in the various taverns by the sea. Platamonas beach is not suitable for those who don’t prefer pebble beaches, therefore it is better to head a little near