Thessaloniki international trade fair

Thessaloniki International Trade Fair is an annual commercial exhibition event of great importance for Greece and Southeastern Europe that takes place at the 180.000 m² Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center. The trade fair first held in 1926 and it is currently organized by HELEXPO.

Olympus View constitutes an intermediate stopover point for visitors and exhibitors since it is located only 80km from Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center and just 5km from Athens-Thessaloniki National Road.

The establishment of the National Exhibition Agency dates back more than eight decades. On 28 April 1925 MP Nikolaos Germanos, the spiritual father of TIF, submitted a proposal to the former Ministry of National Economy, for the realization of an international trade fair, the first in Greece. The opening of the first Thessaloniki International Trade Fair was held on 3 October 1926, marking the start of a brand new chapter for the local economy.

TIF Helexpo moved to its present-day location in 1937. Its operation was temporarily interrupted during WWII but in 1950, Marshall Plan funded the restoration of the pillaged exhibition facilities.


During the 50’s and the 60’s TIF attracted 400 Greek exhibitors annually while foreign exhibitors reached an average of 1.500 per event. In fact, in the year 1967, visitors reached a record number of 1.7 million. The largest TIF pavilions still operating to date were constructed during the 70’s, whereas the first sectoral exhibitions, such as the International Fur Exhibition and the International Marble Exhibition were organized in 1973. In 1999, National Exhibition Agency was split into two companies, TIF and HELEXPO and in 2013, they rejoined into a single entity.


Over the last eight decades, TIF has accumulated vast experience and expertise in managing trade fair infrastructures as well as organizing exhibitions. Currently it constitutes an official counsel of the State in matters of trade fair policy, organizes major sectorial exhibitions as well as regional exhibitions throughout Greece, participates in major exhibitions abroad with national pavilions and manages the facilities of Thessaloniki International Exhibition and Conference Center and Athens Exhibition and Conference Center. TIF-Helexpo International Exhibition and Conference Center in Thessaloniki is spread on 180.000 m², 62.000 m² of which are indoor exhibition area.

The exhibition complex consists of three conference centers, “Nikolaos Germanos”, “Ioannis Vellidis” and Helexpo Corona, with a total capacity of 4.000 seats. The three conference centers are equipped with modern electronic and audiovisual systems. Apart from its exhibition facilities in Thessaloniki, TIF-Helexpo owns Helexpo Maroussi, located at Kifissias Avenue, Maroussi. This multipurpose building operates mainly as an exhibition center able to host exhibitions in an area of 30.000 m² and consists of a conference area with a capacity of 600 seats. The said exhibition center is suitable for organizing cultural, social and business events.

TIF-Helexpo is responsible for organizing Thessaloniki International Exhibition, as well as more than 15 sectorial exhibitions each year, local exhibitions throughout Greece, national pavilions in major international exhibitions abroad, conferences and cultural events. Moreover, it is responsible for the management and operation of the company-owned assets