Promitheia take place in the welcoming town of Litochoro at the fabulous natural surroundings of Prometheus Grove (Alsos Prometheus), at the foothills of Mount Olympus. Thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad come together every year to meet under the blue sky of the “Mountain of the Gods”, be acquainted with our ancient culture and ethos and pay tribute to ancient philosophers and philosophical schools, by holding public debates and events. They also attend artistic, cultural and ritual events and participate in them, in order to be initiated to our ancestral spirit, become inspired by it, and gain a better understanding of our ancestors’ worldview.

The opening ceremonies of Promethea are facilitated with the full support of the Municipality of Dion-Olympos and the local authorities, featuring a grand, archaic procession in the central streets of Litochoro with the participation of local people, visitors and other interested parties, thus reviving the customs relating to the celebrations held by our ancestors. The procession terminates at the open-air amphitheater of Litochoro, where archaic cultural events take place. The 5-days festivities culminate in Saturday’s ritual/artistical events that attract thousands of spectators due to the evocative atmosphere they create and the devoutness and excitement they cause, constituting an initiatory prelude to next days’ events.
Prometheia attempt a re-association to our ancient, timeless and well- respected culture all over the world, which is promoted and highlighted by these events, not as a barren worship of a finite past but as an expression of the vivid and flowing speech of ancient Greek scholars, to whom humanity owes everything today. Our ancient history paves the way to a timely and fruitful reflection on possible solutions to contemporary problems, with special emphasis and reference to the worldview of our ancestors.

The entrance to Prometheia is free because they are addressed to all those who respect ancient Greek education and culture. All those who believe that the clarity of thought and the values of our ancestors could light up the spark of spiritual regeneration, hope and resistance against enslavement that agents of foreign powers seek to impose once more on our country, are welcome in Prometheia celebrations.